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Help support our Community and get in front of thousands of attendies. All proceeds are put directly back into the community helping over 30 non-profit organizations!

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Supporting Our Community


Show and Go helps support fund scholarships to students at Riverside's King, North, and Lincoln High Schools, RCC Community College, and to the Greater Riverside "Dollars for Scholars" program.

Youth Development

Funds from Show and Go are used to support many local programs and organizations dedicated to youth development. These include RYLA and PRYDE, camps dedicated to teaching leadership and character, Interact clubs at King and North High School, mentorship though Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Inland Empire, foster students through the UCR Guardian Scholars program and more. Additionally Show and Go helps make possible unique experiences for children from speech contests to decorating Rose Parade Floats.

Community Service

Show and Go is also used to support a wide array of local community service projects, including Christmas presents for children at Riverside's Settlement House, Turkey and Thanksgiving food giveaway at Fair Housing, Cranberry Sauce for Salvation Army, PPE distribution, book donations, and many more.

Support Local Organizations

And finally funds from Show and Go are used to support a wide array of local organizations including the following:

  • A Night for Veterans
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters IE
  • Boy Scouts
  • Care Portal
  • CBU Basketball Camp
  • Civil Rights Institute of SoCal
  • Community Settlement Assn.
  • Fair Housing Council of Riverside
  • Fox Riverside Theater
  • Fremont Elementary
  • Girls on the Run
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Independent Living Partnership
  • King High Remembers
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • March Field Museum
  • Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center
  • MLK High Chamber Choir
  • Muslim Family Foundation
  • Olive Crest
  • Path of Life
  • Plan-It Life
  • Poly Mock Trial Booster Club
  • RCCD Foundation
  • Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center
  • Riverside Arts Academy
  • Riverside Art Museum
  • Riverside Community Sailing
  • Riverside Health Foundation
  • Riverside Public Utilities SHARE Program
  • Riverside Sports Hall of Fame
  • Riverside Tamale Festival
  • Salvation Army
  • School on Wheels
  • Society of Extraordinary Women
  • The Unforgettables
  • United Way